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Lisa Robbins

“I have been with FirstService for 4 months and have a handful of properties with ProClean onsite. ProClean always responds to requests in an efficient and timely manner. Anything we need for our properties, ProClean makes sure it gets done. Always positive feedback from residents on the cleanliness of their property and the friendly staff. The intercom system is so invaluable – it saves so much time administratively. At Cranston, we have the website for our move in/out process. It is a seamless process that protects our common property and frees up so much time for our Administrators! Wonderful to have ProClean on my properties!!! Thanks to everyone at ProClean!”

Lisa Robbins / FisrtService. / Community Manager

Jennifer Mandan

“As a Property Manager of multiple condominiums through out the city I have dealt with plenty of Janitorial company’s. Pro Clean stands out from the friendly staff to the extra care they take in cleaning the building and always go above and beyond at their job. I would highly recommend using this company.”

Jennifer Mandan / Diversified Management Southern. / Calgary

Ashlee M.

“I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with ProClean’s performance! Eli is everything a business owner should be, he goes out of his way to make sure his clients are happy in every way he can, he responds to questions and concerns very quickly, he is regularly on site with his crew, he will suggest improvements and help make them a reality. Being in a large complex with close to 300 units in five buildings, I am always amazed at the cleanliness achieved in the time his team spends here. No matter what the task at hand they all do a fantastic job (even with the stains you have no hope for). The team Eli has assembled is so professional, they know what the job is and they get it done extremely well, they are always so friendly I am happy to see them around the complex. When you do hire ProClean not only will you be impressed with the customer service and the competitive rates – you will quickly realize that Eli truly appreciates his customers, he always goes above and beyond and that’s something you just don’t get nowadays. Give Eli and ProClean a chance and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. ”

Ashlee M. / Albert park board president.

Audra R.

“Eli and his staff take great pride in their work. The residents here are pleased with the high level of cleanliness throughout the building. I would recommend ProClean to anyone who is looking for a quality cleaning and janitorial service.”

Audra R. / Harrison Manor Board President.

Gloria T.

“I have lived in The Breeze in Airdrie since June 2010. I served on the Board of Directors for three years. I was President for two of those years and always had a good relationship with Eli and his staff. They have provided a high quality of cleanliness in our building of 89 suites. I am always impressed by the most up to date equipment used in vacuuming and shampooing of the carpet. Eli and his staff take great pride in their work. The residents here are pleased with the high level of cleanliness throughout the building. I would recommend ProClean to anyone who is looking for a quality cleaning and janitorial service.”

Gloria T. / The Breeze Board President.

Why we are different

There are many reasons why our service is superior to that of our competitors, here you can find just some of them:


Driven by Results

We are always aware that the main point to any contract is to keep a home clean and safe. We are driven by the need to improve on any community living experience. Our staff has one main goal: to maximize the results and to minimize the costs.

Always on Time and on Budget

We recognize the importance of keeping your condominium clean and well maintained on the scheduled cleaning days. We have backup teams to ensure that your building always looks great, no matter what. If we take on a contract, we guarantee to provide you with amazing results, and we will do so by always being on time and always being within the quoted price.

Respect Individuality of our Clients

Most importantly, we love what we do! We love helping condo boards minimize the condo fees associated with cleaning and maintenance, while still providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. We understand that behind every contract with a Condominium Corporation, there are tenants with their own personalities, preferences, and expectations. We highly value working with people and being able to customize each cleaning to their needs and standards.


Feedback helps us grow and maintain our high standards. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we want to hear from you! Please click above to fill out a short form that will be read by the owner directly.